‘Sweet’ hearts aren’t always betrothed

So you’re alone. This Valentine’s Day, you have no significant other. No one to ‘coo’ over at candlelight. No one to snuggle with.rc13870

Join the club. However, instead of wallowing in pity, why not use it as an excuse to spread love to others?

There’s nothing that says Valentines are just for lovers. There are no rules, no laws that require a romantic commitment between people who exchange tiny hearts with messages printed on them.

Instead of cursing the Hallmark-laden holiday – embrace it as another day set aside to boost someone else’s spirits.

What am I going to do? First, I’m going to send cards and candy to the cutest Valentines on earth – my nephews and my niece. The only way to keep kindness alive is to make sure it is planted in the hearts of children, right?

Then, I’m going to take a batch of heart-shaped brownies to widow Ada, an old Sunday school teacher.

Ada’s late husband, “Shorty,” always greeted me with a hug and a little kiss. He called me “blondie,” “honey,” and “darling.” He had no teeth, but that didn’t prevent him from smiling ear-to-ear. Even after I reached 12 years of age and had him beat in the height department, Shorty’s sweetness made him seem 10-foot tall.

I couldn’t help but giggle when he got up on his tippy-toes to plant one on my cheek.

Twenty years later, I think: If he made me, a random girl at church, feel that special, Ada must have been treated like a queen for their half-century of marriage.

Then I think about how long she has been without him. It’s easy for me to get over the fact that I haven’t found my soul mate, because I can’t imagine what it would be like to have him, then lose him. But Ada knows what that’s like.

I don’t have a Valentine this year. But maybe with the help of some chocolatey treats, an 80-something widow can teach me a thing or two about love.

Or maybe she already has.


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