This is a blog dedicated to a collection of life & style inspirations and real-life musings of a rural-raised, small-town girl who belongs to the land.

Writing and storytelling is not only how I make a living, but it helps me de-stress even when I’m not on the clock. I suppose it might be rare in other fields, rather than creative ones, for people to say the basic tenet of their career also is their hobby. So I write about crime and politics and all sorts of things at my regular job, and then I blog on the side to clear my mind and soak up inspiration. It honestly is the way I keep my sanity.

The name “Fancy Buffalo” is a nod to my corner of the Great Plains, my life of contradiction, and a dose of stockyards humor. [“Fancy Heifer” just doesn’t have the same ring to it].

I am a girl who works in the fast-paced world of journalism in the city, yet I can’t wait to hit the highway and head west to my one-horse town after the work day is done. I’m a girl who loves Buck Owens and the Rolling Stones equally. I’m a girl who loves wearing ballcaps and boots to catch a game just as much as I love wearing big statement necklaces and heels. I’m a girl who idolizes the simplicity of Laura Ingalls Wilder and, in my daydreams, I pretend I am her.  I suppose I add a little dash of Mary Tyler Moore in my version.

The country and the city work together to make my heart beat and my soul sing. Although, I must admit that it is a 80-20 lopsided split.

Here you will find photos and links I find inspiring – from words and music to style of all kinds — home or personal — to DIY projects, gardening, and photos and a special series depicting Oklahoma life. I’ll cover everything in my head, which is an eclectic mess most of the time.

And you’ll also get to shop. Sweetens the pot, huh? I mean, I wouldn’t make you wade through my ramblings if there wasn’t something in it for you.

Shop Fancy Buffalo here

My mama and I always have created together, and it is one of the greatest things about my upbringing. Proud I was taught by my grandparents and parents to make and do for myself where I can. Mama has made jewelry for years, and now I am on board. Together, we design and handcraft items from gemstones, leather, agate and rhinestones. Plus, we expect to round up a few other items that will complement our handcrafted Fancy Buffalo line.

So buy something. Then sit and read for a spell.

And whether anyone is impacted by my words or looks at the collection of photos I have assembled, I at least will have peace of mind knowing that I placed my thoughts somewhere outside of my own head.

As Lord Byron once said, “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.”


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