Today, I want to live here: Hilary Duff’s house

Hilary Duff is now a grownup. A single mom. A successful actress on a bingeworthy cable show of her own and, apparently, an eagle eye when it comes to home style.

Duff graces the cover of the February 2018 edition of Better Homes and Gardens, showcasing her blush-colored front door and giant art deco-inspired entry light.

Oh, that door! Let us pause for a moment and bask in the subtly feminine and chic shade. A mature nod to bubblegum, if you will.

The magazine provides a glimpse at the interior decor of Duff’s L.A. residence, which is a little Old World and a little modern glam.

The mix-and-match prints — tile, rugs, art and wallpaper — are bold anchors for the simplistic overall vibe.

It’s what dreams are made of…  Lizzie McGuire’s and mine.





Every now and then, I’ll share my favorite room/place of the moment. That’s the great thing about daydreams, you can have them as often as you want. Favorites weren’t meant to have limits.

All people dream, but not equally.
 Those who dream by night in
the dusty recesses of their mind, 
wake in the morning to find that 
it was vanity. But the dreamers of 
the day are dangerous people,
for they dream their dreams with 
open eyes and make them come true.
- T.E. Lawrence 
(aka Lawrence of Arabia)

That time I found the greatest Stevie Nicks video ever

Today was a pretty good Monday. I mean, the only legitimate problem I had is that when I woke up, I wasn’t Stevie Nicks.

Really, though, sometimes I pretend I am her when I wear my long black kimono, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

She’s mysterious. She’s hot. She’s a legend.

She’s everything I’m not, but a girl has to have goals, right?


Some days I might even get it in my head that I’m channeling the perfect balance of the cool edginess of Stevie and the Southern charm of Dolly Parton.

And then something usually happens to remind me I’m not even close to channeling either one, and that I’m pretty much an awkward cross between the pop singer who dresses up like a flamingo and Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.

Oh, and someone who dribbles salsa on her shirt and trips a lot.

Stevie’s voice is unmistakeable. It has rasp and sheer power, yet it is vulnerable. Raw but flawless.

I came across this video a couple of years ago and I might have watched it eleventy billion times since. The fact that this is a random backstage practice session while she’s getting her makeup done blows me away.

In my dreams, Stevie Nicks calls me up on stage to harmonize with her on Wild Heart (or anything) just like this video.

And then Lindsey Buckingham, naturally, writes a timeless song about me and how I am the perfect woman. (The salsa stains are verifiable proof.)

And usually that’s when I wake up and realize I’m still just a weirdo wannabe gypsy soul and a procratinating journalist who should be reading a 32-page earthquake study and writing five other stories before tomorrow’s deadline. 

Goals, though.

Stevie, man. Stevie.

I bet you can’t stop watching at eleventy billion.



Today, I want to live here: Granny’s kitchen

Even if you grew up in the city, there’s probably something familiar about a farmhouse kitchen.

I grew up in rural Oklahoma, and still, every time I see a farmhouse-style kitchen, I am reminded of my Granny’s haven. I was only 5 years old when she died, but I still remember her kitchen.

It wasn’t fancy. In fact, it was the opposite of fancy. It had an old ’50s-style table, and in my memory, there is a pie in the center of it, covered with a muslin tea-towel.
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